Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Dying To Know

Written within a black and white journal covered with various eye glass illustrations
Page 5 
Date of entry: August 17, 2014

Margin at top of page, notation: I died to know you are you dying to know Me?
In parenthesis, I'm dying to know....


If today you are lonely,
who's face do you seek?
Who's face are you after?
Who's hope do you chase?


The struggles, the memories, the impressions bearing down....
Each moment..keep standing, press forward, lean (in)
(lean hard)
A tear from my spirit sounds, its will is to flee
As the whisper of seduction mocks "Don't falter a step"
While freedoms song sounds lovely, it's truth seems beyond my reach

Who's face are you after?
Who's hope do you chase?

I stop to listen; I sit and I cry...
I think, I remember....I ponder times gone by
A gentle voice rises, it echos throughout them all
Where once I was scared...I remember those things too

So today ....are you lonely?
May I ask you to speak?
Take a good look around you; can you name every face?
Were their eyes upon you....Did they call out for you?
Did they leave their own comfort, to bring you back safe....
To fold you, to hold you...not to bind you from My grace?

My eyes didn't stop searching, when the darkness closed in
I searched till I found you; I kept calling your name.
My gait zealous behind you till I saw your face

So today, I know you hear me, do you recognize my face?
My last hope is you'll seek'll chase down my grace


Notes following:

It is about knowing Him, not giving a perfect if to a sketch artist.  If it were up to us to study and know where to be, to make sure we were not being conned by an impostor, we that are saved would live in constant fear of "missing it".

We do not have to recognize Him ~ He recognizes us ~ He goes before us ~ surrounds us,subdues us, closes in behind us ~ saves us ~ redeemed us; so that we CAN believe we are not going to be left behind!  He had it written in black and white so we can read it everyday:

I will never leave you.....nor forsake you.....and this will stand thru all time ~ no take backs either :)

Good stuff.....find rest o my soul......

Candace Huffmaster ©  2014, All Copy Rights Reserved
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Small Beginnings

The end of a thing is better than its beginning .......

Help me not fear as if, in the face of my weakness you find any delight.  You understand my small beginning; but you know me as I was created and have always been, in your sight.  You see me and remember I am one who came running, who said "I need you" and "I want you above all else".  You remember how I really want to please you. You want to help me, because you see I do not fully comprehend all things pertaining to life.

You know I believe you are always with me; that I keep looking and attempting to to know even your depths.  You see all the things I also remember and you see how I try hard to forget.  You see that I long for Your memories and how I praise you for remembering Jesus Christ.  You see that I call on your name, for the host of angels to battle in the realm which we cannot see - that I deliver all my enemies over to Loves Face and hope through the Spirit to join with Jesus to intercede.

You remember how I long to know all about you, hear your stories and listen as you speak about those you love and have tenderly kept.  You remember me as I long to cast out all the clutter, repair the destruction from the lies that have been cast.  Bring together all your truth and help me see it.  This time, help me wait to do anything beyond believe.  For your timing will not delay or be mistaken; this is about you...but you chose to display me.

Help me to remain humble to serve you.  Help me to stop needing in unprofitable ways; you know what is good, pleasing, advantageous and beyond your word you will attend to my every need.  You know me and remember exactly how you made me.  And there is NO Doubt that you have ordered all that is ahead.  May I flow in the peace of Your Spirit and trust the great future step through step.

If I build anything, let it be to raise up your body.  May I encourage others as each day draws nearer to the end.  May we all exhort and encourage to stir up Your Spirit and be united in the One faith of our Faithful beloved Christ.


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Above All Else: LOVE

Current Journal: January 2014
Happy Valentines Day Lord!

A day for everyone to celebrate that above all people you created for us to enjoy, you loved us first!  We keep our eyes on your creation much of the time instead of you, in so many ways.  Wouldn't it be something if we could come to you and allow you to love on us to the point that we are too full to hold it in. If we would stay in your presence instead of rushing off, desperately attempting to work on things to give a good life to our self and others.  What we receive in full from you would just pour out as effortless-ly as the love you pour into us, I believe.

Today Father, supernaturally lift the broken hearted to gaze into the eyes that created them in good pleasure, hoping that they would come to see the ONE who deeply desires an intimate relationship with them "Above All Else"!

To you Lord, be the power and the glory and the honor for ever more.


Figments of imagination or fragments of what I know: they glimpse of my image as they glimpse all we say and how we do.  Will they see more foolish ambitions? Will they glimpse a character that is Mine? Will they perceive a false doctrine of faith, or will a relationship of my faithfulness lead out? 

It does not matter that we understand many things, as long as we understand One thing: We must come to trust in His wisdom, lean on His power and depend on His grace in all things.

  • Think about what you know and what others see
  • Think about how we strive to be believed
  • Think about how flawed our own image is at best
  • Now feel the thought of laying down all your needs and believing in Christ they are met
This is the Spirit of God and In Him alone will we find PEACE.  Not peace of this world; the peace to Live Liberated from the winds of this world. If we bind His truths in our deepest gaping hole, wrap them around the thoughts of our mind, allow them to gird us up in His strength and to anchor our feet so we can grow, when rested He will raise us up: tall, strong plentiful and ready. His breath will gently blow about us and our seeds will be unleashed.  He will carry, nurture and deliver as He knows the need and the place.  All we need remember is in God the impossible is possible; impossibilities are never out of His reach.

So, may we never hold back what's good to be given; never judge an intent as if they clearly hear.  May we never attempt to prove their mistaken, only to prove that His provision is near. May we release what we have and trust His abundance; trust His will knowing He lavishes all the same.  All things He ordains to be useful; so may we lay down or make way for the Lord.

May we humble our soul by submitting to His life, His way and be free.  May we trust He will surely raise His body; but thank God not each one independently.  May the face of our Lord go before us; to the glory of our King may He reign as our walls; for in Him there's no shifting, no shadows just the splendor of God's only begotten son.

May we serve by the grace which delivered us and for a time may our eyes and ears behold what is real; the mysteries of the Love of our Father and the gifts He has worked so hard to prepare.  May we receive what is poured out and present, undefiled by the hands of mere men.  May we see as He travels in our midst, throughout the nations: He's the light overhead and within.  When we search all the earth in faith we'll see Him, those in darkness see His light through us reaching out.  In their darkness they will see the search light and hope is stirred.  When knock on our doors allow them entry, they will feed on His life and find rest.

In Him all things come into their own fullness; not by man for the blind man cannot lead.  We cannot see as God created, for God designed all men to come to life through the unseen.

Today love as if there is something to be discovered, let others have the room to reveal something new.  Give God the honor of delighting in what He created and respect the creator, the lover of that very thing.  You have nothing to regret, because life is before you.  The life, the giver is not bound to what you see.  Close your eyes, open your mind and be believing......let go of hate for it desire to steal the greatest thing.

Please receive today, the love that is being extended; " It is everywhere you want to be!"


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Come to the Water

Monday: December 9, 2013

"Come to the water
 and no longer thirst
I am the water
the truth, the way, the life"


 Christ I come to you, and seek no other......
wanting nothing more than the truth from your lips.
I know not how to relate to all things;
But all things I drop to sit at your feet.

Let all things pass from my presence....
Let nothing come between you and me....
Join me, in life, in love with our Father....
Holy Spirit flow down, enter in and surpass.

Hoist me, through Christ to be received by the Father
Cover me in His purity, that I may finally be complete.
Make me lie down....
Force my limbs to relinquish...
Take my will from me and conform it to yours.

These are my desires, but I cannot obtain them;
You contain everything I wish to hold near.
May I come close, even enter your presence;
For I can not embrace the great breadths of your love.

Pour yourself around me, upon me and through me;
Make your skin mine....
Your blood pump through my veins.....
Let my mouth receive the very breath which you've given;
Then see with my eyes, all the thoughts of your heart.

Abide in my life every second as my master;
Let me submit to your will and relate.
Bind me forever in the grace of your dominion;
Not to have more...
Just to BE one with YOU!

Now is the time to seek first your Kingdom;
Now is the moment for your precious feet to go.....
Now is the time to allow Christ to serve others;
Not that they ask, but they need and know not.....

Father, pour your blessing upon your good favor;
Show me the truth, light the way, lay the path...
You lead me not into the snares of temptation;
You shut the mouths of the ravaging foe.
You lift me up in the power of your goodness;
You speak forth truth, set the motion of the days.

Not of my making, my design or my ambitions;
These things by the Spirit are entrusted to the Lord.
I surely hear and I see as you show me;
Not to please man, but to give way to my Lord.

This is the day of the Lord God Almighty;
These are the times of the supernatural fight.
No longer bound, here on earth I'm liberated;
Bound in the heavenlies,  for eternity I am safe!

Use all I am; you created me for your good pleasure;
Speak to my heart, mind and soul: give me life.
Tell me the secrets which bring harmony to the moments.
Give me your directives; allow those wanting work to join your desires.

I need your wisdom, without you mine is useless.
If I am not your girl, let me move to make room.
Place me as you desire, for my perfect formation;
Dear God let me listen; let me follow as you form.

Take all my pride, hate and jealous ambitions,
Cast them forever in the eternal lake of fire.
Purify me in the blood of my savior;
Wrap me in linen and raise me up right!

You are my Father, my Spirit and my Body;
No other space do I find peace and light.
I ask to be bound within you and made perfect;
Not to MY liking, but to align, learn and lean......

Deeper in you, of you without rebelling;
Relaxed in good pleasure with the work of my hands.
Joined by the Spirit, in Christ, of my Father....
In YOUR name I am sent and by YOUR power formed.

Please keep doors protected, ways preceded by my Master.....
Reckon all this in His name and for your glory.

"I AM.......Always......
There is nothing more
All else is less."


©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

Monday, April 29, 2013

Daddy, I Want To Say......


I love you, I just want you to hear my voice say "I see you, I hear you and I deeply, honestly, passionately, freely desire to obey."  Not to say "I'm good!" ......just because I adore you and am so very grateful for your love.

I know that you protect me, even as you placed me in a womb.  Your hands of love then formed me, as you dreamt all that I would become.  The thoughts of our future together, gave you hope to allow me to evolve.  At the right time, your joy release me; to experience the journey you foresaw. 

Travel my Father, here with me, sing me the songs of your heart.  Teach me the story you're telling.  With me woven and formed all throughout.  Show me my family which you've mentioned; for we are many, unique and have needs.  Lead me to offer where you enable; to join them so filled with your presence, that it is surely your power which provides. 

Daddy, without you I'm not able, to withstand the length of my own days.  Thank you for not missing one moment, for running ever after me when I stray.  Thank you for allowing me to experience, the freedom to run without a care.  But mostly that you were there protecting, as I set off the enemies crafty snares.

O Daddy, I feel your mighty presence ~ How I wish I could sit upon your knee, to peer into the face I dream so lovely and to watch your mighty lips as they speak.  To feel the breath of your laughter and to see all your family respond, to know that these are your people; they're our family, our forever, our home.

I know that Christ is within you and in Him together we are one.  I know that through Him your Spirit came to me, even settled all things with my soul.  I know you are clinging to my essence and not one drop of my life goes unused.  I know you won't share me with evil; for in me is life that never ends.  I am the fruit of your Spirit and you will not let them pluck me from your vine!

This day let the fruit of your labor, lavishly cover our body with this prayer; with thanksgiving and joy of forgiveness, of your mighty power to renew all things each day.  Be seen as the One who loves justice; but is merciful to not harm His own, and patient with those not comprehending, for you know what your enemy has done. 

Thank you for beginning all creation; for defining, subduing and blessing life ~ for being the voice which spoke to Noah, the God of Abraham and the generator of life.  Thank you for delivering your promises, for being faithful no matter what the keep our souls from separation by  culminating all things in and through Christ. 

In Jesus, I came, I bowed, I asked and I desire to forever stay......believing in my heart that You Are.

©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Will You Go Or Follow?

Am I willing to Follow you.....wherever you go?  I want to say yes.  You can't imagine how much I want to believe I will be faithful to actually follow through.  But in reality, when the moment meets the day.....where will I go?  Where you want or where I want?

As I was reading Genesis 24:5 this morning: Be willing to follow me unto this land....... I heard you very loud and clear.  Which way are you going to go?  You know the way I'm going. Are you going to leave me to?

My heart sank, just like everything I wrote in "The Wind and a Stone". Fear is the only thing which would keep my feet paralyzed and let you just walk out on your own.  Would I chase you down, or would I just watch you fade into the sunset? 

This is when I heard your grieving voice speaking to the disciples: Are you going to leave me too?
Honestly, it made my stomach and heart hurt.  But then I got angry at myself and said don't be so foolish!  In my mind I burst out and threw off all that icky stuff, shouting "NO!" "I'm going too...I want to stay with you to do clean - up on isle 9! :)

Will everyone else abandon you?  I don't know....but by your goodness chasing me down and your wing protecting me - where else would I go Lord!  Only you have what will enliven my weary soul.  Within you I can do anything; outside of your abilities I'm limited to struggle and wear myself (and everyone else) out.

All I can think of at this moment is how pitiful it must have felt to you in your time of sorrow when you looked into the faces of those closest to you, those you chose to be with because you loved them, and asked: "Are you going to leave me also?"

It is here in this very verse that I am sitting with you now, as you sit with me and I pray for wisdom, understanding and the grace to Go only where you say.  And to STAY as long as you ask me to. Thank you so much for forgiving us for what we simply do not comprehend, but even beyond that, I thank you for not giving up on me / us. For not leaving us powerless to see clearly, and be able to determine that we desire to change; also for empowering our desires with your own good pleasure in order that we are catapulted  into something beyond our imaginations: a transfigured, loving, able form.

Just had an aha moment: we are truly lovable when we are "love able" / able to love.......
You are awesome Lord!

I pray that we are all God desires us to be - it's ridiculously amazing all that He has safely tucked away within us to discover with Him.

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®
©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Copy Rights Reserved

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


God will never leave us or forsake us.  IF we are not broken from all the harmful humans we relate with in our life we will some how, by the grace of God, come to trust His love and believe Him.

Some of you who follow this page, do not know of our main Journey page.  We would love for you to join us as we journey through some of the icky, sticky, gooey places of relationships. 

Click here before moving on ;)
I pray peace for your journey.......